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I have not had much to say lately. But maybe it is time??? Is their a GOD??? Either you believe, or you DO NOT. As for me I have NO question??? Most of you know me. I should of been DEAD, along time ago??? But GOD has keep me alive, for the times we are now facing??? I have had so many NEAR DEATH experiences ,that I have NO question's. UNTIL you have WALKED in MY shoes, you have NO IDEA... MY point is stop playing with the existence of GOD. Either you believe or you don't??? Their is NO in between...GOD say's either you KNOW me or not. People who think they KNOW GOD, and do not??? What does HE say??? GET AWAY FROM ME, I NEVER KNEW YOU...I have been warning people of these day's we are NOW in for years. And People have Laugh at me, called me a JESUS FREAK ETC. What if all my BIBLE study's, for over 20 year's is right??? No one is DEAD, because judgement has not come yet. TO be absent from body is to be PRESENT with the LORD...UNTIL JUDGEMENT DAY comes, which may be soon. All that have gone before us, are ALIVE and WELL. IF you can not SEE we are in a BATTLE between GOOD & EVIL,I can not help you, It is time to CHOSE what side YOU ARE ON??? WE ALL still have time TO get RIGHT with the LORD OUR GOD



What do you think GOD is thinking about all this HATE in AMERICA, a COUNTRY GOD has BLESSED FOR SO MANY YEAR'S??? Well if you take the time to READ his LETTER to YOU Called the BIBLE, you would KNOW. We are in the last day's whether you like it or not. You know WHY??? GOD SAID IT, AND NO ONE CAN STOPED GOD. Not even the Devil and all his Evil way's that so many are falling FOR. THE BOOK OF Revelation's is coming alive, like never before. As GOD said some eye's will be blinded in these times, I hope you are not ONE of them??? WAKE up AMERICA GOD is not going to put up with ALL this hate for MUCH LONGER. First they KICKED GOD OUT OF EVERWHERE Now they want to destroy our HISTORY. I Pray you not to be BLIND. What say YOU???


As children of GOD, he has opened our eye's to the TRUTH. If you think WE do not know what is going on??? With all the NEW'S being FALSE NEWS with no TRUTH, and you are fooling GOD'S children, you are FOOLING yourself. GOD told us in his WORD that this was coming. And all we KNOW is this is making the way for THE ANTICHRIST to enter the seen, saying HE is Christ??? MR Trump was a man chosen by GOD to BRING in this time we are in. THE Antichrist is going to tell you HE is Christ, and coming in with PEACE and PROSPERITY, and give anything you want, as long as you BOW , to HIM. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT you just went TO bed with the DEVIL. GOD WARNED US about all of this, The question is have you EVEN TOOK THE TIME TO READ THE LETTER GOD WROTE TO YOU!!!


Do you even take the time to study GOD'S word??? All the things that are happening in this world, GOD had warned us about. We are coming up to the Last day's of this WORLD AGE. And it is not the end of anything, it is the end of an AGE. Not the end of the world. Their will be a new EARTH AGE with GOD who will control it. With no tears, no sickness, no EVIL anymore. GOD will be in TOTAL CONTROL. But what you need to know is GOD told us what would be happing in these last day's. So when you see the CRAZYNESS going on now, you would not be surprised. EVEN the point of Russia, who GOD tells you would be TROUBLE IN THE LAST DAY'S. Gog and magog, a BATTLE GOD himself will take care of in a matter minutes. WAKE up People. Because before all this the DEVIL himself is COMING first, and is going to say he is Christ and FOOL YOU ALL...


Do you think what is happening is buy, some Fluke, OR by GOD? We are in the last DAY'S weather you like it or not... And GOD chose MR Trump to enter us into the last day's. You Hear Russia Russia Russia, if you knew your BIBLE you would know that RUSSIA play's a part in the LAST DAY'S. GOD Calles Russia The BIG BEAR, who in the end will Come after the USA,and it will be a Battle GOD will fight, to show RUSSIA that HE IS GOD. WAKE up people as GOD would SAY, it is Written.


If you think just because we have a new President, that we are not in the LAST DAY'S. You would be wrong. Does GOD have anything to say about Russia? If you know GOD'S word, you know he does. You need to Read EZEKIEL Chapter 38-39. God is very clear about Russia and the very Last Day's. We are their. I'll give you a short version. After the six Trump when the antichrist is here in the Flesh, which in fact is the DEVIL HIMSELF. Then comes the 7th Trump, which is the return of CHRIST.RUSSIA will try to Attack us coming through Alaska. The battle of Haymengog,it is a battle that GOD himself is going to fight, in just a few minutes. With HAIL STONES weighing up to a 150lbs.The reason he is going to do this is because he wants these communist to know HE IS GOD. So when you HEAR so much about RUSSIA, don't let it take you away from what is really going on,. THE RETURN OF THE LORD OF LORD'S AND THE KING OF KING'S.


We are now in a BATTLE between GOOD & EVIL it is no longer about a President. Our work has just began, The Devil has LOST ground and he WILL pull out all the stops to take us down, and our new President. Make NO mistake we have a very powerful force against us? BUT never forget who is REALLY in control GOD IS. Their has been so much BRAINWASHING, going on over the years and some of you did not even see it. WELL thanks' be to GOD I DID. WE need to be in PRAYER all the time, asking GOD for guidance, on what we must be doing to fight back. And we need to be in PRAYER, for guidance for MR Trump, and his Family. I happen to believe we are in the very last day's and this MAY be our LAST President. The forces of EVIL are so STRONG the only hope we have is GOD. What do you think???


Let's not forget how Mr Trump got to be our President? It was done by the GRACE of GOD. He has bought us some time as we were getting ready to be destroyed as a country. A country chosen by GOD and Blessed by GOD. To help other's and Have ISRAEL'S back if they came under fire. As Israel is GOD'S most favorite Place. Where it all is going to take Place in THESE last Day's. Because do not loose site, we are still in the LAST day's, even know we Have a new President chosen by GOD. We are coming into the 6th TRUMP which is the coming of the Antichrist to Israel, saying he is Christ, and looking so wonderful, and will promise everyone if you follow him, he will give us everything we need. He is coming in Peacefully and Prosperly As we know the one world system that has been being formed, By Obama will take a deadly wound. That is why I believe MR TRUMP was chosen BY GOD. He is going to be the DEADLY WOUND. Against the one world system. So be careful and do NOT loose site of what is really HAPPINING??? WHAT do you think. Let me Know.


What did GOD mean by this? Well he did not make us SECOND CLASS CITZENS. What he meant was if you are having a religious conversation with a believer or a non believer, and you talk about something that they don't believe in, or you what I call overload their donkey, with the word of GOD and they get made, or offended and they SLAP you, then turn the other cheek. Because you said more than you should of. Just give them a little at a time. But if someone is walking down the street and they reach out and SLAP you for no reason. Then DECK them. GOD did not mean we LET the world walk all over us, with lies and deception. WE are not SECOND CLASS CITIZENS. And we don't have to take nothing from NO ONE.Turn the other cheek has been used against us for years, and the Pastors have miss lead you on what GOD was really saying. Be respectful but do NOT BE A DOOR MATT FOR ANYONE>


Let's talk about abortion. The killing of the SOLE'S of GOD. Let's start with MARY the Mother of CHRIST? When the angle of GOD came to MARY and put the SOLE of CHRIST in her whom, she went that same DAY to her cousin Elizabeth, who was CARRING JOHN the Baptist, the for runner for CHRIST, in her WHOM for six month's. When MARY showed up the same day she became pregnant, with our LORD and SAVIOUR when she got close to Elizabeth JOHN the Baptist LEPED in the womb. Meaning Christ was a PERSON as soon as he was put in MARY'S womb. So people that tell you that it is not a BABY from conception, is LIEING to you. As I have JUST Proved to you. So if you are for ABOURITION you are not A CHILD of GOD.... BUT if you had an ABOURTITION in the past and came to CHRIST and asked for forgiveness and REPENTED for your SIN'S he does forgive you, and LOVES you.


Well an over all look. It all has to do with a one world system, that is to start to be formed. You hear a lot about GLOBAL Government Global trade etc.It is beginning. Do you know the big banks are storing TON's of Gold and silver, and also most of the Rich are doing the same. Because in order to get this new world order into play, they have to destroy the US economy. They are already trying to do just that. When this happens all your 401K'S all your retirement plans will be gone over night, and you will never get them back. The dollar as we know it will have NO value. The only thing worth any value will be GOLD & SILVER. Also Tangible good's car's etc. Things you have. When this happens like the old day's we will have to have things to Batter with, because their will be no money. Also a reason to stock food, because when this happens their will be kayos in the streets. Looting killing etc. AS the BIBLE say's this one world system has to start forming to usher in the ANTICHRIST. Because when all is said and done he is going to say he is JESUS Christ, look like him, act like him, and perform miracle's in the sight of man. He is going to take over this one world system, and give everyone everything they need all you have to do is follow him. SEE the thing is you can't as a believer in CHRIST take anything from this Antichrist. You will have gone to bed with the devil. The BIBLE Tells us on the 6th trump comes the False one, who is the antichrist {who in fact is the DEVIL himself} CHRIST does not return until the 7th Trump and takes care of it all. So I hope your ready for what is to come real soon???


who is Allah well he is not GOD that I can assure you. He is a false god, who was considered a moon god. He was a killer a very evil man, along with his followers. Islam and most people think that Allah is another name for our GOD, that is a LIE. It is not a Peaceful religion, as many tell you, it is straight from hell. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who follows the Koran, is apart of that evil, their is no such thing as a peaceful Muslim. Some just don't talk about it. That does not mean that they don't believe that us as Christians should not be killed, or revert to Islam, they just don't say. But in fact that is what they believe. What does GOD say in the, FIRST COMMANDMENTS Thou shalt have NO other GODS before me. Well ALLAH is a false god who their teachings wants most of us DEAD, and people are trying to tell you a LIE. Saying it is a peaceful religion, when it is not. And if you are agreeing with that you are putting other gods before the one true GOD. As you see their plan unfolding, with putting mosques all over the country, in every state. And moving as many Muslims into our country as possible. That is because at some point they are going to take us over. They are very patient, and lie in wait. As I do PRAY for their SOLES. We will be coming into some Perilous times as GOD says and this is a part of that. The end of this earth AGE as we know it is in FACT coming to a close. And we will enter into a new EARTH AGE. Right here with GOD raining.

The Last days are not really the END???

What is going to come is the END of this current earth age. Meaning GOD has something new for those who make it. We will start a new age with GOD as the Boss, not a government.Their will be no evil as it will all be destroyed. The new age will be right hear on earth. GOD is not going to destroy the earth, just the rudaments which means the evil. He will pit the earth back the way it was when he created it. No storms, the jet stream will be put back in its place. So their is no reason to fear, just reprnt and get right with GOD, and come along for the ride.


I'm not trying to scare anyone into anything, just telling you what I have learned over years of studying GOD's word. Trying to warn people as to what is coming. You can read the Bible for yourself and check me out. We are coming into some BAD times, and we are not going to raptured out. That is a LIE, we will go threw times of trouble like you have never seen. The GOOD thing is GOD tells us he will never leave us or forsake us. As long as we stay with HIM we will get threw. And the rewards will be GREAT.


04-25-2012 Fire department in state of RI being told to take down a cross at the station that has been their for 91 years. 05-10-2013 Judge wants four of the ten commandments wiped out of the ten commandments. 10-06-2012 Bill Burges atheist going to court,to take down a cross at a veterans cemetery in Maryland. 11-29-2012 atheist group wants manger scenes taken down in Colorado. 11-29-2013 State of RI wanting to call Christmas tree at the capital,a Holiday tree. 01-18-2013 Group wants no more to have our president sworn in on the BIBLE.03-15-2013 Atheist group wants in GOD we TRUST taken off or money. 03-21 2013 Collage in Mass is going to do a play about the BIBLE with all gay charters. Pastor arrested in a town for reading his bible on a public street. 16 year old girl takes her school to court to have a prayer plack removed from a wall that has been their for 30 years,because it offends her. A bill board posted saying in the beginning Man created GOD. 03-22-2013 Florida collage professor wanted his students,to write JUSUS on a piece of paper put it om the ground and STOMP on it. 07-23-2013 Atheist group wants all chaplins out of the military. 08-06-2013 Woman going to high school that her daughter attends,and prayes in front of the school every morning for all the kids,was kicked off school property,and told she could not do that anymore. 10-10-2013 Greesey NY city council has a prayer before metting,now some people are trying to put an end to it. 10-22-2013 NY city wants to have official Muslim holidays. 10-24-2013 Group wants so HELP ME GOD out of the navy's swearing in. 12-06-2013 Atheist group put up LARGE posters in NY city saying NO ONE NEEDS CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS. 12-09-2013 A devil worship group wants devil hex star installed next to the ten commandments on capital lawn. WELL if you were not aware of all of this you might want to wake up.All the so called christens in this country,BIG mega churches filled with people. Yet I never hear a sound defending any of this.HOW ABOUT YOU???

GOD and the BLOGS

FROM my experience with writing BLOGS in this forum.I never realized how much people hate GOD. DISLIKE GOD. OR just plain don't care??? The sad part is how much they would GO out of their way to pass judgment on a person who even speaks the name of GOD in CHRIST. Even to the point of name calling E.T.C.NOT for who that person is, but just for the mention of GOD. -Do you really have that much hate in you for your fellow man.Or do you just follow our President who loves to divide a people against each other.Could their be so much SMALL mindedness in people these days??? If you take a look around you and can not see that something is happening,that is just not right???How will you teach your children??? If they disagree with some one,don't have an open mind. JUST beat them down with curl words,CALL them names E>T>C ??? When the fact is they don't even know the PERSON. Instead of having a debate,or maybe taking the time to gather some FACTS on the statement or words that might have been spoken.WHATS next??? WHEN you are face to FACE with a person with the same view ,as the one you critized and called names hiding behind a computer-WHAT will you do beat them up.HATEFUL PEOPLE with no facts,no knowledge of the subject,no real debate,JUST HATE.Well enough of that.LETS see did GOD address that HMMMM??? HOSEA CH 4 vs:6 MY PEOPLE are destroyed for LACK OF KNOWLEDGE; because thou hast rejected knowledge, I WILL ALSO REJECT THEE, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of THY GOD, I will also forget thy children. The thing I see is most of you with all your BS towards me.YOU have never even read the BIBLE you just go along with the crowd.You speak about something that you know nothing about.THAT makes you a follower.ME I choose to be a leader.You see if you took the time to check things out instead of RUNNING at the mouth.YOU would know that we have already been warned about people as yourselves.But their is still hope for everyone even YOU. wisdom-speaks.com


Ok friends and fellow believers,And the LITTLE antichrist too can't forget you.The church is just a building,it can not save anyone..And as GOD'S word tells us in the last days the churches are going to fall away in numbers. And in fact the devil does allot of his fine work right in the church. THE people are the church that GOD talks about,the body of CHRIST.All most churches do these days is TICKLE peoples ears to what they want to hear,and then they WORK THEIR WAY INTO YOUR POCKET. Think about you go to church to be FED THE WORD of GOD,they preach one verse of the BIBLE and ramble on for an hour.1 verse a week it would take 600 years to go through the BIBLE. MEGA churches look their everywhere. But the fact of the matter is do you know how many of them are heading for foreclose.You might ask why??? Because GOD never told them to build a MEGA church and go into debt.GOD is clear not to be a slave to the LENDER.So you went against GOD and did your OWN will not GOD'S.MEGA churches,have you been??? It's like a movie theater,I call it SHOW BUSINESS. That is not what GOD intended a church to be,they are for teaching GODS WORD chapter by chapter verse by verse.In days of old they sat in churches for hours and all they did was teach the WORD OF GOD.If your teaching GODS word as he has instructed and his word only.YOU would not have to PUT ON BEGG ATHONS to pay the bills. GOD would see too it that the money came in to meet your needs.When GOD sent out the apostles out to teach he told them not to take a begging bag. I also monitor these TV.so called Christians tv.It's either a BEGG ATHON or some FOOL is preaching GOD TOLD ME IF YOU SEND $1000.00 tonight he is going to BLESS you out of your SOX'S.That's a lie from HELL. So you see what I mean when I say some of the devil's finest work is done in some of these so called churches.So IF YOU DON"T like me because I'M too BOLD to BE a MAN of GOD. WA WA. GOD loves me.And he will you also all you have to do is ask.If you want to get into BIBLE verses for me to back what I say. You need to go to my WEB SITE AND E- MAIL me.This is not the forum for that. wisdom-speaks.com FOR those I have been BLUNT with my reply's I still love you,and so does GOD.Stop wying. -- Ray Paquin


For all you little antichrist's.Guess what the BIBLE was spot on.GOD warned us in the LAST days they would be coming out of the wood work.So glad I was warned ahead of time.The problem foaming out of your mouths is garbage.You have no facts to back yourself up. YOU JUST RAMBLE ON AND ON AND ON...But the blessing is you find what I say either either interesting or you think you are GOING to change my heart and mind.I'm still waiting to hear from some of GODS WORRIES but I think same of them are hiding under their PEWS,waiting to FLY out of here.Lets talk about GOD for a moment.Have an open mind if you might.Most so called men and woman of GOD think it is all about LOVEY DOVEY,and that's OK in most situations.But being close to the end of this AGE--NOT the WORLD.All evil will be destroyed not the EARTH.Lets look at the FACTS ,GOD does and can get angry,and he can and will do as he pleases.In Genesis ch18-19 SODOM and GOMORRAH we all know the history of that place.even non believers.SEEMS to me that GOD KICK SOME ASSSS.He destroyed the whole place and everyone in it.And it is a FACT.Because the ruins of that city have been dug up by the dead sea.I'm not here for a BIBLE study today today just wanted to give an example.This world age is falling apart just as GOD said it would in the last days.GOD has destroyed many persons in days of old and it will come to pass again.So all the mockers I have been dealing with lately,WATCH YOURSELF. Or get some brains do some research and get on the RIGHT side of what is to come.Because it's coming whether you like it or not.If you can't see wicked raising it's ugly head,you must have your head in the sand.TO know CHRIST it's FREE.To be against GOD remember SODOM.He will wipe you out Plain and simple.wisdom-speaks.com


WHAT say you if you were a young mixed up kid,doing drugs to cover up the pains of life. Had no reason to live,did not fit in with anyone??? And a time came in your life that you decided to kill your self as a young person without GOD,as you thought??? And you shot up your self with draino which should surely kill you and you did not die.You woke up and ask how could this be??? OR maybe in another time you hooked up a hose to your truck fly window,to the tail pipe.Planed this very well knowing for sure you were going to DIE.Even to the point of using duck tape to seal the window,and any other leaking areas.Even to the point of driving deep into the woods were no one could stop you.And stated the truck up felt yourself going under,then your out.And what if the GOD who loves us did not think it was your time,as he may be able to use you later in life,AND you woke up face down in the mud with the truck door wide open and no one around.Would not this make you to THINK.What if for some years GOD laid it on your heart as a business man to buy GOLD lots of it at the tome it was $275.00 ounce and you did but could not make any since of it.To the point you told your friends to do the same and they laugh at you.But you did as you were LED by GOD??? what is the price now today $1431.00ounce.Well I would say I sticking with GOD as all he has for us is our best interest.I could go on and on.So before you tell me about some FAIRY in the SKY.You might want to re think what it's all about.Most of you could not have WALKED in my SHOES and survived.GOD loves all people,the problem not all his PEOPLE LOVE him,and go out of their way to make others hate him too.Take it from me it's not always an easy road,their are always bumps in the road.But for me their is no other way.YOU can take it or leave it it makes no difference to me.We will oming into times like you have never seen. I would not want to be without GOD in these times. wisdom-speaks.com

PEOPLE cringe at the name of GOD. WHAT are they afraid OF???

pI find it quiet interesting these days,you can say this one is like hitler,or that one is socialist or the republicans are hateful people.Or the Tea-Party people are this or that.So much time spent on HATE.And no time for what is really going on behind the sene.All this is so brilliant by those who are about to PULL the wool over the AMERICAN peoples eyes.They are very good at taking things and putting them out their to keep our focus off of what is really going on.AMERICAN people are nothing but suckers,and take all the BULL they dish out and eat it up. In the mean time they are going to destroy our way of living,as they keep your eyes off the prize.How did you like filling up your car today?? were you just a sucker and filled up any way.Wait until you see what is COMMING.They will sucker us AMERICANS right into the POOR house as they intended to do.So you will have no choice BUT to BOW down to them just for your basic NEEDS.HAVE a nice trip.That is were the BIBLE comes in I knew this for many years ahead of time why? Because GODS word is like READING tomorrows news paper.So spew all your HATE to me as a MAN of GOD,make fun of me as you have,but remember my words as they will pass in your mind when these things happen to you.As for me I"M debt FREE as I have been lead to do.HOW YOU DING??? working to pay the MAN.TOO bad it's the wrong MAN.Their is really bad times COMING hope you can GET through it.I think NOT.ME I'm safe with GOD no matter what is thron my way.GOD says he will never put more on you than you can handle,and HE will always make us a way out if the burden gets to heavy.I'll take that any day over going to a so called DOCTOR to get a pill to make you feel GOOD and everything is all better.LEGAL DOPE DEALERS.Take it from me.All those pills for my family member did not make them feel good,they KILLED HIM.So if you hate GOD that's fine with me your not who I'm trying to reach.So keep your HATE to yourself I need no REPLY.But when like me,who SHOULD of been DEAD is alive because GODS grace and mercy.STOP telling me he is some fairy in the sky.I know for the times that are coming most of you WITHOUT GOD will not survive. more at wisdom-speaks.com

IT's time as children of GOD we get our ack together

It is time to make a stand? GOD did not make us second class citizens.We need to be light in dark ness,where are we?? I look on the news I look at religious T.V I listen on the radio etc.Where are you.If we don't get out and start speaking up,we will have no value in the near future.This nation is built on GOD and his promises,it's no accident how BLESSED we have been in times past.And look around,since we have turned our backs on GOD kicking him out of here and their.Look what is transpiring GOD will back off,and what does that leave us? Their are only two entireties GOOD & EVIL if you kick one out the other will flourishes.It's that simple even a child can understand.We can agree to disagree but the goal can be the same. We are spending so much time helping this country,or this group,or feeding these people in other countries,or telling this country about CHRIST etc.That's all well and good but we are loosing site of our own country? It's time for us to have a REVOLUTION in this UNITED STATES. From city to city,from state to state.Waking up or own People to the truth.AMERICA REPENT-SEEK GOD 2011 wisdom-speaks.com Lets band together people of GOD and lets get started.We need to start cleaning up our own back YARDS. Before we can help anyone in the future.I can't do this alone it will take allot of help and input and yes money.Were will we have our first rally??? As you will see in the future I'm not a all lovey dovey,man of GOD I'm BOLD and to the point.But today's society that seems all they understand anymore.We need to let the People know we are alive and well.We love GOD and country and we are not going to be PUSHED AROUND ANYMORE,or GOD being silenced anywhere anymore. They will hear us loud and clear when I'm done,GOD WILLING.We have the strongest numbers as Christians in this country,and it's time to wake up.Our we deserve what we get. AND GOD will let it happen.You can PRAY until the COWS come home for things to get better. THEY will not until we stand up as a people and speak truth to all these dead BONES.wake them up.I'm looking foreword to hearing from you,with help to put this together.As for the people who have nothing better to do than send me negative feed back,I'll save you the time I'm not interested.Do what ever you do and HAVE A NICE TRIP.your not the one I'm trying to reach.AMERICA REPENT 2011 wisdom-speaks.com and by the way I'm not hiding from anyone or anything my name is RAY.Either you will be for us or you will be against us.NO MATTER what GODS WILL WILL BE DONE... --

On March 1st 2011 I'm Launching It's time for GODS people to have a Revolution.


I'm calling on all of GODS people wheather we argee or disagree,to join together in marches and ralleys in the puplic square in all towns and citys in america I will devote all my time and any money I have to see this through. But I can't do it alone I need everyones help YOUNG and OLD either by showing up or simplely helping with donations,or buying products from this web site.I hope you read about me? I have NOT-NOT made this web site or our cause,NON-Profit. For a reason if I went NOProfit I would of been restricted on what I could say,publicly or privately.Because I plan on BEING BOLD and frank I did not want to be restricted by our goverment on what I may or may not say.All moneys that will be collected will be posted on this web site at all times for everyone to see,every dime. As I have no intrest in getting rich,on a con.I need help to organize all of what I plan on doing if you want to be a part of this get in now on the ground floor.Send me an e-mail and we will get together.More to be revealed stayed tuned.BY GODS GRACE and mercey,you have not herd the last of me. I'm just getting started to rock,and shake up this country of ours FOUNDED by GOD.

I say the jobs numbers today.Did not surprise me,I've been self employed,most of my life,in realstate.Well I had to take a job at 80%lower than what I used to make,so I could keep my home,and just stay alive.I'm an ass. manager in a gas station-groc. store chain.I have to be a clerk allot of the times.Well I could not believe what I'm seeing,as I'm working for peanuts.paying taxes.People of all ages coming in the store with what they call an E.B.T. card.This is a government credit card,They are buying chips,sodas,cupcakes,candy bars,you name it they are buying.I had a young gentlemen,about 20 years of age buy a bunch of junk food on his E.B.T. card.We get to see their balance on their card as they make a sale.He had a balance on his E.B.T of $941.00 left to spend.I't made me sick,because I have to make a choice every time I go to buy food now,to debate over spending $40.00--or $50.00 dollars.as at one time I did not even have to worry what amount I spent.To my other point,on Tuesday of this week a woman came in,up to the counter,and she was on her cell phone.I had a conversation with her as she was on the phone.She was on the phone with the unemployment office,getting her CHECK.They no longer have to wait in line or check in with unemployment,showing they are looking for work E.T.C.she was signing up for her check over the cell phone,and she said they will direct deposited it to her account.WHAT is going on here??? She has no intentions of looking for a job,she was very content.I'm working a much lower paying job paying taxes every week so these people can hang around all day,doing nothing.HOW many of your viewers would like to know now how easy it is to get on the plantation these days.And young people with E.B.T. gov. credit cards,who have no intention of going to work eating like kings,as I struggle to put food on my table.

Rapture. IS A LIE?? In 1930 their was a woman named Margret Mcdonald who was talking about a dream she had, she though it was wicked,their were two preacher that herd her speaking,and ran with the dream of people flying away,before the end of this age. .

CONVERSATION posted 06-10-2010

Well been thinking about what I'm about to do,things you will read you won't get from your preacher because most of them don't want to tell you whats going on in fear of looseing your money in their till. Well I won't be holding back,some of you may think my thoughts are mean, BUT I TELL YOU they WILL be bold.Their is no more time to tip tow threw the tulips and time to do BATTLE with the force of EVIL that is now consuming this country and the wourld.What is a matter with you are you stupid or sodish as GOD would say.You think what your seeing with your own eyes is normal???? Well its not,We happen to be the genaration that is going to be the last in this EARTH age.I't is written word for word in the BIBLE have you read it. If you think your having hard times now,WHAT are you going to do when the ANTIchrist----THE DEVIL himself is here on earth reigningin Jerusalem.And he is going to play you like a fiddle, because he knows all your weakness and he is going to dangle them in your face and consume you. You need to have the power of GOD in you to be strong to fight against those firey darts of satan. If you think this is all a joke or what ever have a nice trip you think you got troubles now,you have not seen anything yet.I've been studing many years for this and to see GODS word come to PASS as it is now is confort in it self. SO get on your knees ask GOD to forgive in JESUS name know CHRIST died on the cross for our SINS rose on the third day and sits at the right hand of GOD...... And join me and lets do battle and kick some DEVIL ass.

What do you think about what is going on in the world?  Where are GODS people?  If we don't get out of our pews and make a stand we are going to be trampled.  We are not second class citizens.  We are Children of GOD!

CONVERSATION posted 06-09-2010

Well another day,lets talk about free will. GOD gave us free will, which means we have the will to follow GOD, or do as we please. Which most of the time is contreary to GOD's word. So if you think being nice to everyone and being a so called good pearson is going to get you to HEAVEN. Well then why did GOD bother giving us the BIBLE??? Because it is not that simple and their are rules to the GAME weather you like it or not.You are caught up in the last days,weather you like it or not. GOD is in control,not us.You need to ask CHRIST into your life,Believe he died on the cross for our sins,sits at GODS right hand and is comming back to judge the living and the dead.JOHN ch3 vs:16 how you doing,I.m not the JUDGE GOD is. If you think it's a joke or a GAME,I'm sorry to say you will loose and you will not like the results. What do you say E-mail me.

CONVERSATION posted 06-08-2010

Lets have a conversation, Do you think everything in this wourld is OK ?? Or o thats just the way things are. WELL take alook around people time is drawing near, weather you like it or not. ALL these things going on if you took some time to spend with GOD and his word you would not have the blinders on. Maybe you need to stop saying it will be OK. or things will get better. Well hate to be the barrier of bad news GODS word says nothing about things getting better, as a matter of fact he says it will get worse.SO WHAT SAY YOU??? OR maybe you could care less well if that is the case, their will be payment due when all is said and done. I'TS CALLED JUDGMENT DAY and every knee shall BOW before GOD even YOURS. IF you think I"M getting alittle to harsh I am. Where are all GODS people no one saying anything as GOD and his word are being KICKED out of everwhere.Atleast I'm going to sound the trumpet.And I won't be holding back I have study GODS word now for many years for these days and I'm READY.how about you ??? Or are you hidding under your pue at CHURCH thinking your going to fly out of here before all HELL breaks loose.WELL I HAVE A NEWS FLASH FOR YOU---- GOD did not tell us in his BIBLE all we need to be ready for and what he will have us too do inthis time if we are going to fly out of here[SO CALLED RAPTURE] Thats the DEVILS biggist con game of the last days. ARE YOU FALLING FOR IT??? We are not going anywere CHRIST is returning here in ISRAEL. And a bigger con job of the DEVIL is getting everone to HATE ISRAEL because they are GODS chosen people, whether you like it or not,THATS THE WAY IT IS. And before CHRIST return some is going to appear in ISRAEL and say he is christ GUESS WHAT its the antichrist who is the DEVIL himself in the flesh.Have you even read GODS word as GOD says it is written havent you READ IT. SO how will you know which CHRIST is the real one. DO you even know the events that take place so you will know the difference ??? SO lets talk e-mail me because I'm working on bigger and better things to sound the alarm. WAKE UP PEOPLE I'S GOING TO GET VERY NASTY. We need to be ready with GOD not man.

CONVERSATION posted 05-07-2010

So here we are some time has past and lots going on. Have not herd much from anyone, does anyone even care??? Well we better start because time is drawing near. And we can't stop it because GOD is in control not MAN like he might think. I'm not going to tip toe around anymore,I'm going to quit frank. We either wake up and get right with GOD or we focuse on this evil world.GOD said if you are of this world you are not with me. He says in the last days that what is RIGHT will become WRONG and what is WRONG will become right, can't you see this??? I'f you can't you might want to check your self and do some SOLE searching to see if you are right with GOD. Thats between you and the BOSS. GOD is in controle of everything that is going on whether you like it or not.He is setting the stage for the antichrist to come, And then his return.We will all stand before GOD whether you like it or not. Every knee shall BOW even yours so how you doing??? CONVERSATION posted 01-20-2010

Well it's been a while. What do you think about how things are going in our country??? As it looks to me we are heading for the one wourld system that GOD talks about.just before the appearence of the ANTI-Christ. How long do you think we can keep going on the way we are going??? We are well into the last days and BIBLE truth is happing fast.Just the way GOD said. Don't want to be doom and gloom but it is what it is.what say you???

CONVERSATION Posted 4-24-2009

Lets talk about our new LEADER because it seems we no longer have a president.  WHEN a President of the free world gets on national TV and announces that the United States of America, ONE NATION UNDER GOD is not a CHRISTIAN NATION and no one speaks up about this what do you think is going to happen???  Read your BIBLE many notions turned on GOD in many books of the BIBLE and what happened???  Well GOD turned his back on them and what happened to them???  Well most of them were DESTROYED...  Well that's were we are heading if we don't wake up real soon and take a stand.  We need to stop hiding under our PUES and be heard. We are in the last days know this and get over it because it's coming whether you like it or not.

GOD is in control and NO ONE CAN STOP HIM. WE better get right with him and start standing up for him, instead of playing into this earth age which is coming to a close.  We will stand before GOD in the very near future.  EVERY KNEE WILL BOW EVEN YOURS what say you???

Stop giving your money to a church that is not warning you of what is coming, and telling you we are going to FLY out of here and you will be OK.  It�s a LIE you better get into GODS word and seek the truth because GODS word tells of all I see taking place in the world and what is coming.  We will be HERE I SAID HERE when the ANTI-Christ comes so you better know what GOD says you NEED to be doing at that time.

AS GOD SAYS IT IS WRITTEN HAVEN'T YOU READ IT, meaning I told you so.  Lets talk about one of the very last signs of the coming of the ANTI-Christ then the return of our LORD OUR GOD.  Lets talk about this blessed nation by GOD in the last days GOD blessed us so in the last days we could stand with ISRAEL a nation chosen by GOD no matter what happens with these EVIL people who want to destroy ISRAEL we ARE being blessed by GOD to stand by her no matter what.  If you know your BIBLE you know GOD says any NATION who goes against ISRAEL he will destroy them.  Now you have our LEADER telling ISRAEL that they can�t bomb Iran to keep themselves safe.  INSTEAD you have our LEADER wanting to sit down and have coffee with Iran who wants to destroy ISRAEL not good if we turn our back on ISRAEL at this time we will have the wrath of GOD on this nation. What say you???

So lets sum it all up we now it seems to have a LEADER? a dictator instead of a President who wants to take over all private business in our own free country and tell us what we can and can�t do and now he wants us to turn our back on GOD because this is NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION.  And now he is going to try to tell ISRAEL to PLAY lovely dovey with people who want to DESTROY them.  Well this all goes against what GOD AND HIS WORD SAYS so what do you think is the out come???

STAYED TUNED as I will fill you in at a later date.  GOD does love you get off your rose colored glasses and get into GODS WORD because its all their man can't save you.  ONLY BY THE GRACE OF GOD.

CONVERSATION Posting 10-17-2008

I finished watching the last Presidential debate and it's now 2:00 am in the morning and this came to me as I pondered on what I heard.  I'm not trying to tell anyone how to vote.  But� I'm interested in your thoughts on what I'm about to say.

Lets take LUKE1:39-41 Short story to lead up to what I'm about to say.  MARY had just been visited by the angle of GOD and became pregnant with or LORD & SAVIOR and her cousin Elisabeth was already six months pregnant with John the Baptist.  After Mary was visited by the angle of GOD she got up the next day to go to see Elisabeth.  LUKE 1:39 And Mary arose in those days, and went into the hill country with haste, into a city of Juda.:40 and entered into the house of Zacharias, and Elisabeth and saluted Elisabeth.  :41 and it came to pass, that, when Elisabeth heard the Salutation{greeting}of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy sprit.  Elisabeth was six months pregnant with John the Baptist and Mary just conceived our LORD and Savior and John Leaped in the womb.  This tells you when LIFE BEGINS.  Because Mary was only caring CHRIST for about a day and when she went to see Elisabeth and John leaped in the womb of Elisabeth.  The womb of Mary was a person from Day one of conception.   My point being, I heard MR.OBAMA say loud and clear that he was for abortion AND ANY ONE THAT IS A CHILD OF GOD CAN NOT VOTE FOR SOMEONE WHO IS CONTRARY TO THE WORD OF GOD.  There are no exceptions.  YOU will answer to GOD for making that decision ,I assure you.  Either you are for GOD or you�re against him.  Politically correct will not fly.  That is why this country is falling apart.  Because we don't follow GOD we follow our emotions.  You can't vote for someone who wants to kill GODS CHILDREN you will answer for it.  You need to question your walk with GOD and if you are a child of GOD, it�s time to take inventory.  PEOPLE� TIME IS DRAWING NEAR.  I'm sorry if this does not SIT right with whoever reads this, but it is the TRUTH and sometimes it hurts.  So let me know what you think???  GOD has been putting his SOULS in woman to be born and we have been KILLING them just as fast. All SOULS belong to GOD even YOURS; good ,bad or indifferent.


I need to clarify on my Post on VOTING.  As a CHRISTIAN NATION, yes this U.S.A. was founded by GOD with principles from the BIBLE.  Most of our core documents are from the BIBLE.  Most of our founding fathers were CHRIST MEN & WOMEN.  That's a fact you can not change.  This NATION is a blessed nation by GOD and now that we are turning our backs on GOD, and man thinking he is GOD, we are getting our just rewards.  If you want a history lesson you might go to www.wallbuilders.com which was founded by a great man of GOD. As for this being a CHRISTIAN NATION, we as CHILDREN of GOD can not VOTE for a Leader of this blessed nation that goes contrary to the word of GOD.  You can't vote for someone who goes against the BIBLE and call yourself a MAN OR A WOMAN of GOD.  That's like hiring a Bank robber to be the manager of a Bank.  That's why this country is in such a mess, and because we have to be Politically correct.  Well that is not going to cut it anymore because we are entering into the last days.  GOD is on the move and NO ONE CAN STOP HIM because he is in control.  So what do you think???  You�re either are a Child of GOD and think and act on GODS principals or you go with the flow, it's your choice.  I call it as I see it.  JUST REMEMBER EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW BEFORE GOD. Even ME.

MARK13:32 But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.  But GOD by his prophecies said his Children will know the season.  Time is drawing near, is it months or years???

Why does it matter what are you doing for GOD???  Jesus said, you deny me before man I will deny you before my father.  We are watching some feel good so called Christian T.V. program that makes us feel good for a moment.  Then, they beg for money. GOD told his disciples when they went out to teach, don't take a begging bag.  If someone is teaching GODS word chapter by chapter, verse by verse, they won't have to beg for money, because GOD will bless.

MARK13:6 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am CHRIST; and shall deceive many.  So are you being deceived???  GOD put us here to do his work and it's not all lovey dovey.  It�s WAR! GOOD AGAINST EVIL!  What are you doing???  GOD also told us in the last days it is going to get worse.  He said, they hated me so too will they hate you.  Can you see this in the world?  They are trying to KICK GOD OUT OF EVERYWERE� I'm tired of it, How about you???  I�m going to make a stand� GOD willing I�m ready for battle� how about you???  So many people are under the impression that they have to do nothing but stand by and they will FLY OUT OF HERE when all the troubles come.  Well I have news for you, CHRIST is coming here.  We�re not FLYING any were.  What have you been taught, a lie or GODS word???  EZEKIEL13:18-19-20 Wherefore thus saith the LORD GOD Behold, I am against your pillows, wherewith ye there hunt the SOULS to make them FLY, and I will tear them from your arms and will let the SOULS go, even the SOULS that ye hunt to make them FLY.  GOD knew man was going to try some Rapture LIE and wrote to us.  He wrote to us and told us that we aren�t going anywhere and things are going to get worse not better.  What are you going to DO???  I can and will go more in depth on the RAPTURE but that will be for another time.

Short story: Remember JUDGE ROY MOORE, and the Ten Commandments being taking out of Alabama Court House?  Well, about a year and a half ago as a CHRISTMAN and WARRIOR of GOD it made me mad when I heard about it.  I dropped everything as GODS people were being called to show up at the court house to MAKE a STAND.  I went to Alabama thinking this is good, all GODS PEOPLE will band together.  HOW disappointed I was.  GODS PEOPLE didn't show.  There were a handful of WARRIORS.  WHERE WERE YOU???  The following week a big rally was planned at the Capital in WASHINGTON so again I dropped everything thinking maybe GODS PEOPLE will show now.  Once again, only a handful showed up.  Through it all, Judge Roy Moore stood his ground for the Ten Commandments even though, in effect, he was asked to denounce GOD to keep his job.  He stood his ground, so they took his job and his pension.  He is a true WARRIOR OF GOD.  My point is if your more worried about money and status than standing up for GOD your making a big MISTAKE because GOD OWNS EVERYTHING and if you stand up for Him, the BLESSINGS WILL FLOW.  Deuteronomy 8:18 But thou shalt remember the LORD thy GOD; for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.

A STATE TRYING TO THROW GODS LAW OUT OF THE COURT HOUSE WHERE ITS NEEDED MOST!  WHERE WERE YOU????  If we don't start fighting back, we will not like where this U.S.A. ends up.  Just look at T.V, we have XXX RATED COMMERCIALS, not to mention the �family� TRASH SHOWS.  What are you going to do????  My Pastor says that we anoint our houses to keep the devil out and then we turn on our televisions and IN POURS THE EVIL.

There will be more to come, please give feed back and try to purchase something to help the cause.  I just need to GET THE WORD OUT.  My GOAL is Radio station and T.V. GOD WILLING.

Well a new year?? 2012

This is going to be an intresting year. The fact of the matter is GOD is setting the stage,for the return of CHRIST. But before CHRIST returns,the antichrist must come first saying he is christ. Well if you have no clue chances are you will fall in bed with the antichrist,which in FACT is the DEVIL himself. You can believe what you want,but if you do not know the truth you will be in for some bad times. Hope to hear from you on this matter??? ray@wisdom-speaks.com

What is a man of GOD?

here we have a Preseident who has been telling the World,he is a christian??? What say you? first he gets on TV and tells the world that the us is not a christian nation. Then all he does is lie about this and lie about that.Everything he does goes contrary to GODS word.The latest don;t ask don;t tell.The best one now is he now is for Gay marriage.You can not,I mean you can NOT.Be a man or a woman,and be for gay marriage,brcause GOD is clear that it is an abonation to him. I always knew he was not a man of GOD,and I could say more. He does not want to be our President,he wants to be our RULER. And he is fooling so many. And he good at it. It reminds me when the antichrist comes to earth,he is going to con people the same way.And people are going to fall right in.What say you.7-19-2012


What do you think is really going on in 2015 with all the craziness???

God told us in these last days things would get crazy. He said our government would act like children? Look at all the evil decisions they are making for us. Helping to sturr up racism,that's because they want craziness so we are not paying attrition to what is really going on? So they can push their socialism agenda without us even knowing. Wake up America before it's too late. Look at all the Jew hateing going on. That's the ploy of the devil, and looks like it is working well. God said they hated me,and they will hate you???.What do you say???

E-Mail me anytime: ray@wisdom-speaks.com

I'm tired of what is going on, and no one is doing anything

I have had enough, its time for GODS people to have a voice. Stop hiding under your pues? All the things going on GOD warned us about in his word, THE BIBLE, when is the last time you EVEN picked it up? We are going to have some BAD times coming as GOD told us. And what we do we will be held accountable. As for me I'm not sitting around and do nothing. What about YOU?

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