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Well I will tell you what I think, after over 20 years of studying GOD"S word. We have a President that GOD chose for these last days, weather you like it or not??? He is doing GOD"S will. You may think all is Good your making money, everything is is Great. But it is not. HATE is at an all time HIGH, because the Devil is not happy, and GOD is setting up for the Coming of the Antichrist, before our LORD and savior returns. That right the Antichrist comes BEFORE the return of CHRIST... So I hope you are READY. If you read GOD"S word he told us all this was coming... A NATION DIVIDED WILL NOT STAND... ARE we divided??? WELL how long do you think we will STAND??? Well we are in the 70th year generation, of the bible when in 1948 Israel became a nation. That is a big step in what is about to take place??? We will not go into the next generation period which is 140 year generation, we will not make it... It is NOW. The one world system is trying to form, for the coming of the antichrist, who will be the Devil Himself, in the flesh saying he is Christ, and promise you everything as long as you follow him. The problem with that is you just went to bed with the devil... That is why GOD told us in the last days some would pray for the mountains to fall on them. Because they were deceived by the devil, thinking it was Christ, and it was not, they were ashamed. If you READ your BIBLE you would KNOW this. GOD told us everything. He said HAVE YOU READ IT??? Wake up PEOPLE all this HATE can not continue, because GOD is not going to let it. We are coming to the last days of this EARTH AGE, not the end of the world, just this age. GOD will bring us into another age. ON this same earth and heaven will be HERE on earth and GOD will rain. WHAT DO YOU THINK???




We are in the last day's weather you like it or not. The Devil is doing everything he can to DESTROY. February 14th 2018 17 Teachers and children KILLED??? WE kicked GOD out of Schools years ago, WHO do you think was going to take GOD,S PLACE??? The Devil of course. You may think we do not know what we are talking about, but you soon will see. THE children's minds have been de sensitize, with killing GAMES, And MOVIES of KILLING. The home has NO Parents anymore, their is NO one to care for them anymore, and GUIDE them in the RIGHT direction. KICK GOD out of everywhere, what do you think will take the PLACE??? You may think us Christians are a JOKE, but you will see the results... Because we have REJECTED GOD in the USA, he will back off and LET the DEVIL have his way, the way, people want it. AND now you are seeing the results. And this is going to LEAD us into the LAST DAY,S. When the antichrist will be here on earth, saying he is Christ, and all the MISSED Lead FOOL,S will think he is JESUS. Unless you take the time in GOD,S word you will not know what HIT YOU. This is NO JOKE, I have been at this for a LONG Time, and this IS where we are Heading. I PRAY you WAKE up before it is TOO LATE. GOD BE WITH YOU> What say YOU???



God in the bible used the weather to get OUR attention. And you have seen in 2017 and now in 2018 he is doing so. THIS BLESSED NATION by GOD needs to turn their hearts back to GOD. Because things are going to get worse?? WHAT say you...



THIS is a MAN of GOD???, so he says. Now he wants to make a speech, about AMERICA???.He is the person who LIED to us the AMERICAN PEOPLE, about a mortgage CRISIS who he is GUILTY OF. Giving loans to PEOPLE who could not PAY. And did not WARN US THE AMERICAN PEOPLE??? I lost my HOME MY BUSINESS ETC. And have never have been able to recover. HE HAS NO business, giving a speech to anyone. Never mind one that is directed towards MR Trump...He needs to be asking GOD to forgiveness, for DESTROYING so many LIVES...




I Know , People do not want to HEAR it??? But what if all this destruction, and HATE and CRAZYNESS,is a battle between GOOD & EVIL, and it is leading up to the COMMING OF THE LORD. I have been a watchman on the wall??? FOR over 20 years I have been studying the word of GOD, and the end day's. What if we are THEIR ???. GOD Loves you, he wrote you a LETTER, to you called the BIBLE. IT tells you how to live life, how to treat other's etc. How to do Business etc. HAVE you even READ IT ??? NEVER MIND THE NFL??? What about GOD




You tell me??? He did many time's in his WORD. To the point HE Destroyed many a Place and People. Are we getting to that point??? WELL Let's see, HURRICANE Harvey, the worst EVER, A 8.1 EARTH QUAKE IN Mexico, and now a HUGE HURRICANE IRMA, never seen in a 100 year's. IS GOD trying to get our ATTENTION??? You tell me. We have been KICKING GOD out of everywhere, and everything for a long while. SOONER or LATER I knew he was going to get FED UP. GOD uses thing's like the weather when he want's to get PEOPLE'S attention. HAS HE GOT YOUR'S??? He is only going to put up with this MESS for so long, and he will speed up thing's for the COMING OF THE LORD,so he can put an END too all this EVIL and HATE. WHAT say you???



I have been at this web site for years? We are in the last days weather you like it or NOT. I have been studying for the past , over 20 years, does not make any better than YOU. I'm just trying to take what I have learned and share it with YOU. But in order to do that I need people to buy T-Shirts to keep me going, as I have bills to pay as well as yourself. I have not had a lot of support. So I have been neglecting to write because of that. So if you are a true man-or woman of GOD I need your support. Their are not many of us left telling the truth about these times. And I want to share more with you. Please help if you can. AND THANK YOU.



Are we their??? Well I say so. All this HATE and all this talk about WAR. All the talk about Terriost,which by the way, are what GOD calls the Locust in the BIBLE. They are swarming. It was not a bug GOD was talking about. It is what you are seeing, with all the killing in the middle EAST. These are the LAST DAY'S. The problem is most people do not know, before the LORD returns, the Antichrist comes first, Who is the DEVIL HIMSELF, saying he is Christ, promising you everything, and all you have to do is FOLLOW him??? WE ARE NOT FLYING AWAY, their is no RAPTURE, it was a LIE from the beginning. EZEKIEL: CH 13 vrs 18-21 vrs20= Wherefore thus saith the LORD GOD; Behold I am against your pillows, wherewith ye there hunt the souls to make them FLY, and I will tear them from your arms, and will let the souls go, even the souls that ye hunt to make them FLY. GOD knew about this FALSE teaching about a RAPTURE, and told us long before it had been taught. WAKE up people, the time is DRAWING near. The question is are you, ready for WHAT IS TO COME??? WHAT say YOU, send me an E-MAIL???



Well my MA MA went to Mass. to see my sister, for a vacation. One day before my Birthday. After a couple of days being their, she felt ill. My sister took her to the hospital, in mass, and after checking her out, because she had trouble with her, left side, and her ear drum. After some test, they found out she has stage four Cancer, and it started in her lungs, and now is in her brain. Because the doctors in Florida, did not check my MA MA well enough to catch this earlier.it is Too late. Unless GOD cures her she will be going home to be with the LORD. As my MA MA LOVES GOD. You might think I would be mad at GOD, and ask WHY??? But that is the furthest thing from my mind. Because those who know the BIBLE, know that GOD is getting an ARMY together in heaven, for CHRIST return to earth. And I know my MA MA will be apart of that ARMY. YET I will be sad, I just need to know I will SEE MY MA MA again. When the LORD returns to straighten this, MESS out in this world age. Because it is coming to an END soon. As GOD is setting the stage, for the return of the LORD OF LORD'S, and the KING OF KING'S. I PRAY you REPENT and get RIGHT with GOD. Time is DRAWING NEAR.P>


You think everything is normal, but is it really? All the HATE going on, all the KILLING going on?? Do you think GOD approves of all this EVIL??? Well I can say from GODS word the BIBLE, it is not OK with GOD. As a matter of fact GOD say's, in the last days these things were going to take place. So you do what you want, but if people like myself are right, and we are in the VERY LAST days. What are people who have NO idea what is going on going to do??? Well we can Pray for their soles, and maybe guide them when the crap hits the fan. The USA is still KICKING GOD out, just last week I heard a story of a Football couch being FIRED for SILENTLY praying on the Football field, before a game. And many other story's I could tell you. GOD will not put up with this. And now you may understand, why the country, is filling with so MUCH HATE. GOD has LEFT the building, and if GOD leaves who steps in??? The DEVIL. It is not to late to do your own home work in the BIBLE, and see what GOD has TOLD us would be COMING... WAKE UP people, time is drawing near.



If you think for one minute that GOD is going to let this HATE GO ON. You are mistaking!!! GOD gave us some time with MR TRUMP, to get ready for the LAST DAY'S, GOD told us all that was going to happen before CHRIST RETURN. And it is happening before our eye's. As GOD would say, have you not READ IT. It is ALL IN THE BIBLE. WAKE up??? Do you think GOD is going to let ALL this HATE go on??? all this KILLING go ON???. AND not do anything about it??? We still to this day, keep KICKING GOD out of EVERYTHING, he is a JEALOUS GOD, what does that mean??? It means he is not going to put up with a BLESSED nation founded by GOD, to disrespect him. JUDGEMENT IS ON AMERICA. He gave us a President to help BUY us some time, to get ready for what is to come. We are in the LAST DAY'S weather you like it or NOT. And we are not FLYING AWAY, like some FALSE PREACHER'S would lead you to BELIEVE. We are going to be right HERE. CHRIST IS COMING TO EARTH, on the 7th TRUMP. WHY would we be going any where else. WE are NOT. READ GOD'S WORD it is like READING tomorrow's news PAPER. He tells it ALL. WAKE UP AMERICA.REPENT AND SEEK GOD>



Mr Trump is going over seas, why you might ask??? Well because GOD is in Control, and he will Guide and direct his steps. GOD is in control, as he is setting the stage for the LAST DAY'S. And if you know GOD'S word as you might think, he is going where it will all TAKE PLACE in the LAST Day's. How many times in GOD'S word does he say HAVENT you READ IT. meaning he told us in his word the BIBLE. Take time to see what GOD SAY'S instead of listening to MAN. IF you know the WORD of GOD you know the SEASON we are in. We will not know the day or the HOUR, but HE Being GOD say's we will know the SEASON. Meaning look around what is going on and compare it with the WORD OF GOD. And you will see for yourself what TIME IT IS. These are the LAST DAY'S whether you like it or NOT. Hope you are READY for what is to COME.



I am not being negative, just trying to tell you the truth of GOD'S word from what I have Learned. GOD'S word is like reading yesterday's NEWS PAPER. god TELLS US EVERYTHING THAT WILL COME TO PASS IN these LAST DAY'S. I HAVE BEEN STUDING od's WORD FOR OVER 20 yrs. AND I'm ONLY TELLING YOU WHAT I HAVE learned. we ARE IN THE LAST DAY'S,WHEATHER YOU LIKE IT OR not. GOD'S WORD DOES NOT CHANGE. so IT IS BEST THAT YOU STUDY FOR YOURSELF AND SEE WHAT times WE ARE IN. How long do you think all this HATE will go on??? GOD is not going to allow it. As he has told us all these thing's that are going on. We are coming onto some Really bad times, and I hope for your sake you are getting Ready?? How will you take care of your family in these times that GOD has WARNED us would COME??? WE are in a BATTLE BETWEEN GOOD & EVIL. We win in the end ,but we will go through some BAD Times. We are not FLYING away as some FALSE PREACHER'S would tell you and LIE to you.WHAT SAY YOU???



Don't let all this election stuff take your mind off what is really taking place? We are getting caught up in this election stuff, we are taking our EYE'S off of GOD and his return. GOD did save us from COMMUNIST/SOCIALISM by putting MR Trump in office. But it will not slow down what was really happening is the return of CHRIST. We will go into the 6th TRUMP, which is the reign of the antichrist, which is in FACT the DEVIL himself. CHRIST does not return until the 7th TRUMP.GOD saved us from what was happening because he needs the us, when all this takes place. The one world system was almost in place, one government, one money, one police force etc. And he put MR TRUMP in their, because as GOD'S word tells us their needs to be a DEADLY WOUND to the one world SYSTEM. MR TRUMP is that DEADLY WOUND. And now it is going to play out from the HELP OF GOD, to enter into the 6th Trump. Coming of the ANTICHRIST. What say you?



Well I knew it was just a matter of time, that Israel would be under more attacks again. Palestinian Terrioust just started a whole bunch of FIRES across Israel. Then Praising Ahla that Israel BURN. You see the Palestinians do not want PEACE with Israel, They want to DESTROY Israel. They Lead YOU to believe they want Peace. And most AMERICANS Fall for the LIES. Also today THE PALESTINIANS were in their streets Praising CASTRO'S DEATH in Cuba. Because he also wanted to destroy ISRAEL. Do NOT be fooled my Friend all the end day's have to do with ISRAEL. GOD say's watch watchman watch. That is why GOD chose MR TRUMP for these last day's, BECAUSE he will HAVE ISRAEL'S BACK. I Believe he is the last President in the USA. As the END of this AGE will come to a CLOSE as The LORD OF LORD'S and the KING of KING'S will return. Keep your eye on the BALL. WHAT SAY YOU???



MR TRUMP GOD Loves you. Do not FORGET how you got to be our NEW PRESIDENT. 81% of MEN AND WOMAN of GOD'S people came out , from year's of not voting to VOTE for you. And this time we are not going away. We will be keeping an eye on how thing's play out. And ALL the thing's you have promised us you would do.BE very careful about these democrats and republicans coming around you NOW Acting like they LIKE you all of a sudden. THEY don't, they will try a con job on you to get what they want, and not what the PEOPLE want. Be careful, Remember what CHRIST said about WOLVES IN SHEEP'S CLTHING. They are coming your way and you need GOD to give you discernment to see them for WHAT they are. OBAMA and HILLARY should be NO where around the white house again. You said today Obama is a good man.That bothered me very much. HE IS NOT a Good man, at all. And you do not need his help. HE has a HATE for you tat maybe you do not understand, but WE do. THE Devil is going to come after YOU with all he has, and he WILL be using these wolves in sheep's clothing to do so, be careful. YOU must always remember, you are not in control I'm not in control. GOD HAS ALWYS BEEN IN CONTROL. He gave you this power to do HIS work. Seek GOD'S wisdom in all matters. He is watching you, and SO ARE WE.



The Question is do you know OF GOD, or do you KNOW GOD? Remember what CHRIST said to those who claimed to know him, He said get away from me I NEVER KNEW YOU. Take time to know or GOD he wrote us all a letter, called the BIBLE



This will be a turning point in OUR Lives. If we go the wrong way on a VOTE that GOD has TRUSTED us with, to a party who want's to kill BABY' at nine month's in the womb. And a party that wants to take total control of our LIVE'S, COMMUNIST/SOCIALISM, make NO mistake that that is were this is going. Unless we decide on trying to make AMERICA better again. And not KILLING GOD'S Baby's in the womb. LET ME make it clear, if this is something that you might of already done, ALL you need to do is know that is was wrong and REPENT to GOD and all will be well with you.MR Trump is not DOWN with the one world system, and that is the most important thing as well. If we make the WRONG CHOICE, we will bring the WRATH of GOD down on AMERICA, because I believe he has seen and had ENOUGH. So we shall see. What do you think???



While you were sleeping, on 09/19/2016 in a park in NY city was put UP A GATEWAY to the TEMPLE OF BAAL. Well you ask who is BAAL? He was one of the FALSE god's that Israel was worshiping, back in the day's and because of this GOD DESTROYED THEM. And your worried about a person like MR Trump??? This WILL be the LAST ELECTION of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. BECAUSE GOD'S JUDGEMENT IS COMMING TO AMERICA. And if you have not read GOD'S Letter he has written to YOU, you will not know how to handle what is about TOO COME>



I've been in the book of Daniel CH:1-5 Boy that tells you all you need to know how GOD used one KING called Nebuchadnezzar then GOD took him out and put in Belshazzar, and then he turned on GOD and he TOOK him out. So make NO mistake GOD is in control of King's and yes President's, some who are bad that GOD will use in his own way. And some who are GOOD. Daniel CH:2 VR:21 And he changeth the times and seasons; he removeth KING'S and setteth up KING'S: he giveth wisdom unto the WISE, and knowledge to them that know understanding. MAKE NO MISTAKE GOD IS IN CONTROL.


FREEDOM OF SPEACH??? 09/30/2016

Well do you really know what just took place? On September 30th at midnight the Internet was turned over to an International body, Like the UN. We never even had a say Obama just did it on his own. What this is designed to do is control FREE SPEACH. As you will see over a short time this will start happening. As it has already happened to me. I went on a few web sites to post, And as soon as I mentioned the word GOD they shut me DOWN. This is another sign of the times, for the NEW WORLD ORDER, one world government. NEXT thing they ARE going to take is OUR MONEY? YES all the money you have in your 401K' and your retirement plans. Will be gone soon. Over NIGHT and you will not be able to do a thing about it. What say YOU???



Well this weekend another shooting at a mall, did you hear about it on the news, for the most part no. And when you did they said the suspect was a Spanish male, WELL guess what it was a Muslim immigrant. DID they tell you that on your local news. No because they are trying to hide it, in an EVIL way. So we will let hundreds of thousands more in. For what you ask??? To take over and kill us infidels' off. Wake up Americans before you are next. Next time you go to the MALL you might want to wear a bullet proof vest, their is a lot of shooting and stabbing going on.. WHAT SAY YOU???



Their are more WHITE police shooting deaths a year, than Black police shootings a year. You don't hear that on your local news. This government is trying intentional to sturr up as much trouble as possible, pining on against another. For one it takes our focus off of what is really going on. And that is to collapse this economy , to make room for a one world system, and government. The BIBLE tells us all about this, Have you read it???



I have been trying to tell you for along time that GOD said in the last days their would be perilous times, And this is just the begging. US has turned their back on GOD for the most part, and you don't think GOD is going to do something about it. IT is called JUDGEMENT, yes GOD does that when people who turn their back on GOD. Read the BIBLE. You don't have to take my word for it , check it out for yourself. See the thing is is the one world system has to come into play before the antichrist comes on the seen to run it. He will come before the return of CHRIST. He will look like Christ say he is Christ, and perform miracles, people will go following him because they did not read GODS word. And now its getting very clear that this one world system is trying to be set up buy our own Politian's

. One world system???

We hear all the talk about one world order ,Global this and Global that which is code for one world system. One police one government, and the ones who will rule over this one world system are chosen very rich, and we will be their slaves. GOD spoke about this coming one world system. And it a sign, because when it gets close to being set up as it is underway, it will have a problem. GOD calls it a deadly wound. Then the antichrist comes and fixes everything and he will run this one world system. Saying he is Jesus Christ. As GOD said he comes at the sixth trump, THE REAL CHRIST comes on the 7th Trump. The antichrist comes in peaceful and prospers, and all you have to do is follow him and he will give you everything. The problem he is the devil himself whom GOD and Michael kick him out of heaven to earth for such a time as this. And he has powers to impress people like making lighting come down from heaven at the snap of his fingers. He say's he is jesus, and after performing magic people will flock after him. What a sad day, all because they did not seek GOD and his word that tells us all. Their is a lot more just wanted to give you a view of what is to come. And no we will not be FLYING out in some Rapture, their is no such thing in GODS word. He warned us about all this because he knew we would be here to go threw all of this.



Well here we are, GOOD verses EVIL and a one world system? Just as GOD said would come to pass in the last days. Well he also said if you are OF this world, you are not of me. So if your all caught up in the election and facebook and all the crap in this world, you are being deceived. That is what the devil wants to happen, so he can play you like a puppet. But some of us that GOD has opened our eyes can see just what is going on. I hope you are one of them. God always told us to stay to the right, you decide what that means? I hope you will e-mail me if you have some answers or questions.GOD be with you.


how currant can we get when GOD is being band from every street corner,and no one is saying or doing anything about it. People are hiding in their MEGA churches full,thinking they can let all this take place and they don't have to defend this. Because they are flying out of here.Boy they have a BIG surprise coming. I pray for their souls.


We have a president making a deal with the devil Iran.That they promise to stop trying to make a BOMB that they want to destroy Israel with.He is not a fool he just not a Christ man as he clams to be and has many people FOOLED.GOOD luck with that.




Small minded people??? I find it interesting when you just make the mentioned of GOD it seems to bring the best out of some people and brings the little demons out of others.Again I will refer to the BOSS-GOD he said in these days we are in.{They hated me you also will they hate] so all you people out their calling unstable,a kook etc.YOU see it is no surprise to me as I have already been warned.You all are quick to make a judgment on me. --But that's because I'm talking about something you have no CLUE about.And the sad part is that's your problem not mine.Why not challenge me on the facts??? We could talk about hiperinflatition coming or maybe the value of the dollar falling,or maybe the Gas prices,BY THE WAY HOWS THAT WORKING OUT FOR YA??? Well if you knew the letter GOD wrote to each and everyone of us, called the BIBLE.YOU would of none this was all coming because in fact it is all tied to the word of GOD...The last days are upon us whether you like it or not.GOD inhis word tells how in the last days our leaders would act like little CHILDREN HMMM??? maybe some hideing out in Illinois.Told us that in the ladder days 2nd Timothy ch 3 vs: 1-2 THIS know also,that in the last days PERILOUS yes PERILOUS times shall come. vs:2 for men shall be lovers of their own selves,covetous,boasters,PROUD,blasphemers,DISOBEDIENT to parents,UNTHANKFUL,UNHOLY.If you have time read more for your selves.I like the part in vs:3 DESPISERS of those that are GOOD. So for you to cut me down,I was already warned. So to try to play one upmenship with me it isn't going to work. ALL YOU DO IS MAKE A FOOL OUT OF YOUR SELF.Showing your true colors.My point is if one of you opens the BIBLE to atleast to check me out I have done my job. SO if you are going to come at me be ready.All bets are off. GOD DID NOT make his children second class citizens.And I just happen to be a worrier.Not all lovey dovey it's going to be ok bs.We all have the chance still to get right with GOD and gain some real knowledge,not all the taking my inventory BS.you need to look at your self.I'm no better than you.I just took the time to study what I know is true,by GODS GRACE AND MERCY.without him I'm NOTHING.The end of this earth age is coming and their is nothing anyone can do to stop it BUT you can be on the RIGHT SIDE OF IT. And know just what to expect.If you don't do it for yourself, DO it for your children.It is all lineing up just as GOD wrote.????? HMMMM???

IT's time for GODS People to have a REVOLUTION of our own??

I'm just a trying man of GOD who is looking around at what is going on in our own country?? And I'm saying everyone is in an uproar about this and about that.As we are FALLING apart at the seems??And I search around in great lengths to see what the CHILDREN of GOD say or think,TV-RADIO e.t.c. and what do I hear NOTHING.Whether you think we are FLYING out of here or the return of the LORD is being miss lead,it matters not?? We are still CHILDREN of GOD. What are you doing to stand up for ALL THE EVIL going on in your town or your city,or even now the country side?? If you think we are going to Pray it away you are sadly mistaken.GOD put us here for such a time as this,NOT to hide in our buildings,or under our pews.He put us here as he did to men of old.to push back some of this EVIL,and let people know the GOONEWS of CHRIST JESUS.Well I have had enough and I'm ready to devote what time I have left to speak and do something about it.I will launch the AMERICA REPENT-SEEK GOD campaign and with help from the body of CHRIST we will hold some of the BIGGEST rally's this country has ever seen.Can't do it alone I need much help.If we loose this country to socialism,one day you will not even be able to mention the NAME OF CHRIST,mark my words.The time is now?? wisdom-speaks.com P.O Box 391307 Deltona FLORIDA 32739 we need help I'm not hiding my light under a table anymore.I have a bumper sticker to start raising funds at web site.I'm going to give it my all,HOW ABOUT YOU???Hope to see you at our first Rally when and were you tell me?? --


Well with all the meanness and HATE spewing out of the mouths of Government,and it is both parties.What their hate is doing is dividing us as a people.Pinning us up against each other,or as you have just seen,taking simple minded people and pinning them against party lines,Dems &REP.And as a news junkie as myself I noticed over a period of time it is more the Left wing news spewing more HATE than others.I mean even the president himself spews HATE,pinning hate between one side to the other.Or against the rich,or wall street E.T.C. O'they will spin this into something more than it is Pinning it on one Party or the other.But the bottom line is People that had nothing to do with anthing have lost their lives,May GOD be with them.Speaking of GOD I understand this KILLER said their is no GOD,or he does not believe in GOD.Well the sad truth is for those who,mock GOD or look down on people of GOD. OR think we are kooks following some FAIRY in the sky,or trying to kick GOD out of everything.Well I don't see many PEOPLE of GOD as myself,GOING out and killing PEOPLE.So I rather stay on the side of MY GOD.I know from experience how the Government and the media creating so much HATE and divide.As my own MOM is on the other side of the isle from me,and when we talk about Government or some media e.t.c. she starts telling me how she hates this one and that one,when she does not even know them or has ever listened to them.Because the left wing news media and Government that she listened to said this person was no good or this person said or did this or that.I call it OLD FASHION BRAIN WASHING ??? Well with all the HATE that is being created I'm afraid we have not seen the last of things like this happening.AND if you know your BIBLE,GOD says in the last days things will get WORSE not better. EVERYONE is so quick to kick GOD out of everything,WHO do you think is TAKING his place??? DA, THE DEVIL.Have a nice trip.You need to get right with GOD time is DRAWING near.. Give me your in put ray@wisdom-speaks.com


So here we are making deals on extending unemployment,do you think this is because things are going to get better? Not so with all the money that the FEDS have already printed,we are heading for hipper inflation,when food in the store get so high we will not even be able to afford to feed ourselves. And GAS will go so high that you won't even be able to afford to drive.It's comming wheather you like it or not. What you need to be doing is not shopping till you drop for CHRISTMAS,and start getting ready for what is to come.Stocking can goods,having some precious metals to bater with E.T.C. Things can't go on too much longer.And if I'm wrong the worse thing will be is you will have a nice stock pile of food,and some things worth a few bucks.But all the years I have been watching all this this is the conclusion I have came up with.And I'm not the only one their are many people that see the same thing comming.As a BIBLE person the best thing you can do is REPENT ask CHRIST into your life.Because he will take care of his PEOPLE in the times that are comming.



Well here we are in election season.What do we do? Some of what is happening needs to happen to forefill GODS word,containing to the last days.But that does not mean we stand back and let all this Evil that is taking place in this world.We need to be SALT and LIGHT in these last days. Not hideing in our church buildings,doing nothing,waiting to fly out of here. How do you think GOD says well done good and faithful servent.Not by hideing or keeping shut up and be trampled under. We need to take part in things of this earth age until CHRIST returns,that means VOTEING.And voeting for people that do have GOD in their lives,and care about what WE the People think.Not what they think is best for us.Talking down to us as people that KNOW nothing and they know better.Otherswise we will get just what we deserve if we don't stand up like MEN & WOMAN of GOD.I also would let you know that no matter how things look,or how things are going,be asured that GOD IS IN CONTROL.

Current events posted 05-07-2010

Well what do you think about what your seeing in the world??? Let me tell you what I see.I see a goverment that is trying to take over our freedoms and kick GOD out of every place it can. Even as the courts saying that the national day of PRAYER is un-contitutional HOW about that??? Well wheather anyone likes it or not this nation was founded on christina values and GOD fearing men.Most of our contatution is from the BIBLE. No wonder they want to disgaurd the founding fathers. Where are all GODS people hideing under their pues??? Where are you I have not seen you speaking out for GOD. The BIBLE says deny me before men and I will deny you before my Father. So keep hideing you may miss the boat as they say.God said in the last days this would happen and it is exactly as it is wrriten. AND I have a big news flash for you it is not going to get better it will be worse,Also as it is written. Is any paying any mind to what is going on??? I would like to hear your point of view. I'm trying to do my best what about you??? Current events Posted 1-17-2010

Current events 06-08-2010

Well lets really get into it??? Lets talk about the JEWISH BASHING going on over a blessed country by GOD, trying to defend itself from an enemy. God told us in the bible these days would come and here they are, that nations would turn everyone into hateing ISRAEL and now we see it before our eyes. GOD also told us in his word what he will do to nations that go up against ISRAEL.[ check out my bible study section read for your self] GOD in the end of all of this will be returning to ISRAEL to MT. ZION GODS favorite place in the universe. So if I were you I would get into the word of GOD and study for yourself before you join the band wagon of the JEW haters. THE FUNNY THING IS do you know were you came from long ago you might be JEWISH yourself and not even know it??? SO lets hear what you have to say E-mail me I'm not afraid.

Well a new year. Lots of things happining, I hope to be on top of things this year as I see the starting of the one wourld system being formed before our eyes. This will usher in the apparence of the Anti-Christ as GOD said it would. As for Earthquakes in diverse places I also see that being ramped up. We are in the last days whether we like it or not,so why not be ready and be watchman or woman.

Current events Posted 4-24-2009

It's been awhile since the last update but here we go.  I was on a road trip for about 17 hours listening to the news, and can't believe any more of what I am hearing.  I am not here to bash our new Leader as it seems he not a president.  He wants to be a leader.  First he uses yours and my money to take over the banks.  Then again with the INS. CO�s and if you are watching, as GOD told us to be watchmen I'm watching. Then the car companies.  So tell me what are you seeing???

Now after doing this he FIRES the CEO of GM which to me stands for government motors.  This is our president who has no business in private business he is to run the country not our lives.  This is why our founding fathers wrote many years ago the documents we have to protect us from something like this from happening.  Were are GODS people are you all asleep???  I see know one speaking up for GOD or what is going on what say you???

So back to our LEADER because that is were we are going someone who is going to tell us what we will be doing.  This will become a dictatorship not a presidents leadership.  He is not asking what we think he's just doing what he wants. We have already lost our control.  So he has taking over these companies and more to come if your watching??? because GOD is and he warned us are you watching???

It does not matter how this all started with these companies who did what were when or how, The fact of the matter is the Government has no business in them, never mind running them.  So I'm coming home on my drive and I hear how the LEADER is now going to take over student loans, they said they could do a better job???  Do you see a pattern are your eyes open??? OR ARE YOU STILL ON THIS LOVE FEAST WITH {THE LEADER} Well lets talk about a CHRISTIAN NATION is it or not???  Well if you claim to be a child of the living GOD you know it is.

If you take a little time and look at the founding fathers documents you would know.  Look around you we are BLESSED out of our SOCKS with everything we need, You think that happened on it's own???  Well I'm watching TV a week or so ago and I meaning me with my own EYES and EARS see our LEADER-PRESIDENT on TV in another country telling all that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in not a CHRISTIAN NATION and I could not believe what I was seeing or hearing and my heart dropped.  DID you hear it???  Well as a child of GOD WERE ARE YOU??? hiding under your bed I herd NO ONE SAY A WORD ABOUT THIS and I'm shocked.

WERE ARE GODS people because I'm not seeing or hearing them.  THEY ARE TO BUSY telling you lovely dove stories and forced on collecting your MONEY instead of putting up the warning signs.  What say you???  Think I'm CRAZY??? well I'll answer that for you I take time to study GODS word and pray allot seeking GODS WISDOM I�m far from perfect but I�m making the effort HOW about yourself???

So now we are being run by the Government we are not a Christian nation.  What do you think GOD thinks about this well if you know your BIBLE you already KNOW the answer, because GOD says DENY me before MEN and I WILL DENY YOU BEFORE MY FATHER.  I believe GOD is going to pull back and feed us to the evil of the people we SOME of us CHOSE to LEAD this CHRISTIAN NATION.  ONE NATION UNDER GOD.  SO you better get studding and praying to GOD not a LOVE FEST with a leader who has no clue.  GOD LOVES US who seek him, SEEK HIM no matter how bad things get he will take care of his OWN.  You and me who LOVE him. I have allot more coming up so stayed tuned.

Current events Posted 9-29-2008

Here we are in some interesting times.  September 29th which is about the birth Day of our LORD.  We have a so called financial crisis which we are being scared into with not a lot of merit.  The Government is telling us we need to do this bail out to save us. Well how do you see it???  I'll give you some of my insight.  Yes, we are in financial trouble from everyone going on a credit roller coaster, myself included, thinking there would be no end.  My roller coaster ride was in business, a real estate company that I no longer have.  I was not about living a large life style.  I simply tried to stay in business and take care of my employees.  So much that I borrowed money on my own just to keep people on my payroll with a job without even thinking of myself.  But, that�s another story for another time.

So our GOVERNMENT wants us to BAIL out the fat cats DEMS&REP alike that's what its all about.  Most of the GOVERNMENT are MILLIONAIRES they have no clue about you and me living on a daily basis.  I thought it was ironic that the stock market closed on September 29th on the LORDS birthday.  (Down 777 if you know your BIBLE the number 7 is spiritual completeness also CHRIST return is on the 7th TRUMP---7th VIAL---7th SEAL ... Something to think about???)  Bailing out big business to keep you and me out of the bread line is BULL.  After the Bail out they will be back for more.  They don�t care about you and me it is all about GREED.  They say they need to bail out the banks to free up credit.  Well guess what� most Americans after the credit roller coaster ride are TAPPED OUT AND HAVE NO CREDIT.  So how is BAILING out WALL STREET going to help?  When GOVERNMENT bails out the banks with their bad debts they will be in the clear AND THEY ARE STILL NOT GOING TO LEND US ANY MONEY.  Well what say you???  We are domed no matter what.  The great thing is we have OUR LORD GOD ALMIGHTY and he OWNS EVERYTHING INCLUDING OUR SOULS.  GOD warned us about all this in his LETTER he wrote us� THE BIBLE!  Have you read it???  We are heading for the ONE WORLD SYSTEM just before the ANTICHRIST appears.  As for our fine one sided GOVERNMENT which is all for the RICH and make it seem as if they are for the POOR is a JOKE.  I will be getting into more in our CONVERSATION CORNER.  As for all of you, I'm working on no capital and making a small purchase from our store (items button) will help or just send a DOLLAR to Wisdom-Speaks P.O. BOX 32 STILWELL OK.  74960 will be a big HELP.  Because I am not giving up as we need GOD NOW MORE THAN EVER in this time in HISTORY.

Current Events 2


As I spoke before about the government bailing out banks making bad investments, well here we are on Monday Saint Patrick�s Day, with a bail out of Bear Sterns, which they are claiming it is for our good.  But is it??? Over 14,000 people�s jobs are now on the line and not only are most of the employees stock holders which as of today have lost most of their money in that company.  So why is that??? I'm seeing the wealthy making out and to bad for us regular folks.  There is a lot more to come.  This country has taken its Heart & Mind off of GOD and put its trust in MONEY.

I myself, as a no Brain child, could never understand how people could give money to strangers and get a piece of paper in return.  Saying that you are now worth this or you are now getting rich.  The reason I always thought is coming true because regular folks are losing in BIG numbers.  PEOPLE� it�s time, you need to know, the only one we can truly trust is GOD. And GOD does not want us broke.  We may not get what we want, but he gives us what we need.

Other countries that we have given BILLIONS of dollars to in order to help their economies are now thriving and they WILL TURN THEIR BACKS ON US.  If our Government Democrat or Republican were so worried about you and me, and all this help bailing out these GREEDY BIG GUY'S, then why are oil prices and food prices going through the ROOF.  By helping these big companies, then they keep their own pockets full.  I'm not trying to be doom and GLOOM but you better get right with GOD because the time is drawing near.  My thoughts are, if you think the GOVERNMENT is going to help you rather than our FATHER IN HEAVEN, you will be in for a RUDE AWAKING.  GOD said in the last days all the secrets and LIES WILL BE REVEALED.  What say you???

Another subject that put a SOUR taste in my mouth was I heard with my own ears a so called PASTOR of a person who everyone is in love with that wants to be President.  He has been in this church for 20 years and said he never heard any of the ANTI AMERICA ANTI WHITE GARBAGE that I heard with my own ears, sermon after sermon, over a period of time.  I believe he is a liar and a dangerous man.  I pray for his SOUL and hope he never becomes my President.  What do you think???

We don't know when, but I'm telling you that the stage is being set for the anti-christ to come.  We are coming into the last days of this earth age.  As GOD tells us, the anti christ comes first pretending to be Christ and we will be here as we are not FLYING AWAY.  All you have to do is repent for your sins and believe that CHRIST died on the cross for our sins.  He sits at the right hand of GOD and is returning to judge the living and the dead [Meaning the dead in CHRIST not bodies in a hole in the ground.]

There will be more to come, meanwhile� WHAT DO YOU THINK???

Current Events 1


What do we think about a government that is trying to BAIL out the rich?  It�s not just Republicans or Democrats.  It is about two classes of people, the rich and the POOR, like wiping out the middle class.  From my point of view they�re doing a pretty good job.  What are your thoughts???

Take a look at the stock market� to stop it from bottoming out and the rich losing all their money, the feds keep lowering interest rates to keep it on the move.  They tell us it�s all about the economy.  Well how many thousands do you have in the market???  Most people don't, yet they keep bailing out the market and OIL prices go up by the barrel, food prices go up and a whole host of other things.  How is that helping you and me???

It's not about us, it's about them.  But what do you expect in a BLESSED NATION BY GOD that wants to kick GOD out of everything.  We will get what we deserve.  GOD will pull back as he has done so many times in history until WE WAKE UP.  Are you awake???  Well I am.  I watch what�s going on around the world, current events, etc.  Is it all doom and gloom?  NO, but we are a CHRISTIAN NATION and we better start acting like one or we will REAP WHAT WE SOW.  Lets have a look at the stock market again the BOND insurance companies are in trouble for getting greedy and making bad policies on JUNK loans.  They are private companies. Well, now they�re looking to be bailed out by the Government.  It�s wrong if a company makes a bad decision but it should be their problem not OURS AS TAX PAYERS.  My company got in trouble and the government did nothing.  I lost everything.  They keep brain washing the people telling us it's about the ECONOMY.  What do you think???

What about the mortgage market???  People bought homes that they could not afford and claim that they were duped into a BAD MORTAGE.  Well from a young age I always learned to READ BEFORE YOU SIGN.  No one put a gun to their heads and made them sign.  And now the government wants to BAIL THEM OUT.  Where does that leave YOU AND ME, who read before we SIGNED and pay our mortgages on time?  It's not about the people who are losing their homes in whom my HEART and PRAYERS go out to.  It's about the GOVERMENT BAILING OUT THE BANKS, not the people.  They are concerned about how much the banks are loosing not YOU AND YOUR HOME.  What is your take???

WE need to wake up CHILDREN of GOD.  If we don't start standing up for GOD and putting HIM first IN CHRIST JESUS we will pay the consequences.  HE has not RETURNED YET.  It�s our JOB TO make our enemies our foot stools.  We will all be broke and on the GOVERMENT PLANTATION as they would like us.  GOD IS turning his back on this NATION because WE HAVE TURNED OUR BACK ON HIM.  What are you going to DO???

As for me, I'm going to do what ever it TAKES...Lets talk about this CLOWN SHOW OF AN ELECTION.  We have Democrats and Republicans.  I'm not blaming either one, but the BIBLE is very clear where we should be.  He told PETER to fish out of the right side of the boat.  CHRIST SITS AT THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD and it speaks much more where we should be, but that�s up to you.  We have a front runner in the Democratic party who every one is falling in LOVE with because how Smooth he is.  Well do we have any brains as he has only been in politics for a VERY SHORT time and you want him to run our country???

People are being BRAINWASHED.  Tell some a LIE long enough they will believe a LIE.  Then we have this woman running who is a LIER and a crook, and if on a PRIDE RUN�, we know were PRIDE got the DEVIL.  Then, we have a 71 year old man running who has been in GOVERMENT for some 20 years.  Puts me to sleep and he is ahead.  What are people thinking he has been there 20 years in the corrupt GOVERMENT and we want him for president?  And, we have another lowly SOLE running with NO MONEY, a Smart MAN if you ever took the time to listen to him as I have in DEPTH.  And because he talks about GOD openly in his campaign, he is being shunned.  One thing he said is, I don't have a DEGREE IN MATH, BUT I DO IN MIRACALS.  What are we thinking?  What do you think???  CHRIST SAID, THEY HATED ME SO TO WILL THEY HATE YOU. ALSO.

As adults, yes you and me, we are struggling to get by.  HOW DO YOU THINK YOUR CHILDREN ARE GOING TO MAKE IT? It's our JOB as parents to LEAD OUR CHILDREN TO CHRIST, have you???  I have and I�m proud my son knows trials and tribulations of life, and he knows as long as we keep our heart and mind fixed on GOD we will win in the END.  Life is not about how much money you have or how many things you have, it�s about GOD and FAMILY and where your HEART IS.  We need to make a stand and I need WALKING BILLBOARDS to get GODS message out there.  BUY A SHIRT, WEAR IT, AND BE PROUD to stand up for GOD!  It cost MONEY to do what I�m about to do.  AND I need your help.


Well how are things working out for you???


The things I have been telling you are comming to pass ,and GOD is always teaching me more. You might call me a cook now,but their will come a day you will remember some of these things,when you see them for yourself.This new year is going to be very intresting??? hope you are prepared for what is to come. You can listen to the news,YOU can listen to the politians.But this hole thing is going to come apart,The money system,food shortages,PRICES so high you will barley be able to buy anything. So I hope you are getting ready??? Stocking up on FOOD,and other things you use dailey. WE have been lied to for so long,and it is so bad,even the crooks can"t fix what is comming. Plus for the antichrist to return,it all needs to be falling apart. Because he comming,and saying he is christ. He will have a new money system and new money.He will give you what ever you need,as long as you FOLLOW him,the big PROBLEM he is a fake,he is the devil himself,he will have some powers as to make everyone think he is christ. This all has to take place before the REAL CHRIST RETURNS,which is at the 7th trump,which is the last trump. I pray for your sake that you are ready. We can talk more if you would like ray@wisdom-speaks.com


I don't know if you have noticed.

How GOD is being kicked out of everywere? I saw on the news,about a Pastor reading The Bible on a public street,and was arested for doing so.Did anyone do anything about it? To many so called christians,are doing nothing to stand our ground,for GOD. They are hideing under their Pues,thinking it is ok for everyone to trash GOD. We are GODS army on earth,and we need to learn to stand our ground.To many christians think they are Flying out of here,In some rapture.So they don;t have to do anything but wait. You wonder why GOD told those people,that said but LORD,we cast out demons,in your name,we built churches etc. WHAT was GOD reply? GET AWAY FROM ME I NEVER KNEW YOU. They though they were doing GODS work,but they were really doing nothing.Like a 16 year old girl that hates GOD,did not like a prayer hanging on the school wall for 30 years,she said it ofended her.She took it to court,and the court made the school take it down.Wake up people,time is drawing near,and the devil is hard at work. Don,t let him trap you with lies.

2015 Russia

Why do you think we hear so much about Russia these day's ? Well be GOD spoke about Russia in the last days as the Big Bear. And how they will come threw Alaska in the last days to try and destroy us. Did you know we bought Alaska from Russia for 7 million dollars? well is that funny that will be the place the will be destroyed by God himself with 110 t0 150lb hail stones. The reason he is going to do it is because he wants them to know HE IS GOD. What say you?


Coming soon 09/09/2016

I will spend some time updating my web site because of the times we are in. I tired of leaving GOD out of everything that is going on. Because to be honest with you GOD is in total control, weather you like it or NOT.

E-Mail me anytime: ray@wisdom-speaks.com


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