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My name is Ray and this is the short version of how Iíve come to doing what Iím bringing about.

I have been through Hell and back many times in my life without realizing the wisdom and knowledge that God has given me throughout the bad times as well as the good times.  After falling on my face about Seventeen years ago, I was left with nothing.  I was homeless, broke, helpless, wanting to die and even trying to.  Nonetheless, God was not ready for me.  In spite of it all, with a little pocket Bible in hand, I found myself sitting in a park in my home town crying out to God.  ďWhat have I done here? Am I going to get on my feet again?Ē God made it clear to me that He was going to put me on my feet.  And, that He did.  No man will get the credit, all the glory belongs to God.  Iíve been seeking God for his WISDOM and guidance ever since.  Life has been, and continues to be filled with Bible study, chapter by chapter, verse by verse.

Iíve been involved in real estate and did well for 10 years.  Liken to the Book of Job, trying not to sin, or wrong anyone, as well as not becoming prideful. That was Satinís down fall.  In 2007 the real estate market began crashing and so did I.  Although there were some trying times, I remained in strong prayer.  There are only two ways to go, either go with God or go with the Devil.  There are no middle roads.  Iíve already danced with the Devil, and I have no desire to go there again.

Over the years, as I have been watching television, movies, the News, listening to Radio, Iíve been getting angrier by the day.  I see this world and this country getting worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and trying to kick God out of everywhere and eveything.  I believe America was founded to be a God Guided Nation filled with all of the good things a nation blessed by God should be.  A nation like no other on earth.  Evil is raising its ugly head in a big way in this world.  Christ, God or whatever you desire to call the Almighty is returning some time soon.  In the meantime, I donít need to be rich, I donít need big cars, and I donít need to be prideful.  I need to do Gods work.  We all do.  We need to open peopleís eyes and turn hearts and minds back to the Lord.  I can not do this alone, it takes all of us.  We need to fight back!  God is in control, all we possess belongs to God.  Iíve been in prayer over this for some time and Wisdom-Speaks came to me, I believe to be used as a tool to get this great country and maybe even the world back on track.

If youíre feeling down, or going through a bad time, thinking you want to dieÖ e-mail me and letís see what we can come up with for a solution.  E-mails are always kept confidential.  I have had many experiences in my life, and I may be able to helpÖ Wisdom-Speaks.  Of course, all wisdom comes from God.

In order to do the job that we need to do, help the people we need to help, and to reach the people we need to reach, your small or large purchase from our web-site store will help us continue on this mission.  I have to make A Stand for God. The question isÖ will you?

E-Mail me anytime: ray@wisdom-speaks.com

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